We’ve Got a Real Life Princess

Going down a street with huge houses….

Blue: That’s the biggest house I ever saw. Who do you think lives there?

Red: I don’t know. Probably a princess! πŸ‘‘

Blue: Yeah! I bet that’s Sophia’s house.

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Potty Like A Big Boy

Blue: I went potty like a big boy (standing up) 4 times today!

Me: Whoa! You’re getting good. You’re going to have to do that when you start kindergarten, ya know. You’re going to have to potty like a big boy, tie your own shoes, get your own lunch.

Blue: That’s soooo much stuff they want us to do. We’re going to be there a long time learning all that stuff they got for us. I’ll be there forever.

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I Don’t Want Glasses

Dad: You boys πŸ‘¬ have your eye πŸ‘€ appointments tomorrow.

Blue: Noooo! I don’t want glasses πŸ‘“, and that’s final.

Red: Brudder, you know when you wake up and you have ‘tuff in your eye? The doctor is just gonna look and see if you have that. If you do, then you need glasses πŸ‘“.

Blue: If I have it, then why can’t he just pick that out?! I don’t want glasses πŸ‘“, and that’s that.

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Keep Dreaming

Blue has just gotten out of bed and sees Pink and says, “Honey baby, you were just in my dream. You and daddy and I were in Jamaica.” πŸ‡―πŸ‡²

Red and I look at each other like πŸ€”πŸ˜’πŸ™

Blue: Morning, bubba. You were…

Red: I’m not listening to you. You’re not nice. Go back to bed and keep dreaming.

#ToddlerAdventures #CanIBeInJamaicaToo #ThanksForThinkingOfUs

High Maintenance Lunch Eaters

Toddler Adventures:

Me: Boys, when you start kindergarten, you’re going to be taking a lunch and a snack.

Blue: That’s weird.

Me: Yep, it’ll be different for you. So, we have to start thinking of ideas of things you like for you to take.

Blue: I think cheeseburgers would be good. πŸ”

Red: Yeah, and grilled cheese. πŸžπŸ§€

Me: …….πŸ‘€

God Will Be Mad

Red hurt his (middle) finger, so I’m putting a band aid on it, for him.

Red: Oh no, mom! God is going to be mad at me!!

Me: Why?!

Red: ‘Cause this means I hate God. (Sticking his middle finger up at me.)

Me; It’s okay. God understands you hurt yourself, and we’re just putting a band aid on your finger.

Red: Good. I sure don’t want Him mad at me.

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