Who do you know in Australia?!


Friends! I need your help again! Do any of my friends know people in Australia? I need some connections there. We’re expanding into Australia, so now is a great time to get in on the ground floor of a growing company.  (Feel free to share this message.)  Thanks so much for your help!!



August is the Month

​Sooooo, I have some pretty exciting news!!!😁💰 NERIUM HAS A PROMOTION THAT IS PAYING FOR YOU TO JOIN, IN THE MONTH OF AUGUST ONLY!! 💰 Don’t hold back due to money, because now there are NO EXCUSES!  I’m super jealous of this!!!! Wish someone could have paid for my business!!

Who do you know in Japan?


BLOGGING FRIENDS!! I need your help and would appreciate as many referrals as possible! If you personally have family, friends, or any contacts in Japan, would you be willing to tag them, or share my website with them? I’m committed to sharing Nerium’s world class products, science, research, and opportunity with as many people in Japan, and internationally, as possible. This company has helped countless people look, feel, and live better with our patented, breakthrough products and we are committed to helping even more! Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!


Let’s Hit the Beach!

Last month, I qualified for an all expenses paid trip (for 2) to Puerta Vallarta, from Nerium. This company continues to amaze me. It’s unbelievable how wonderfully they treat their brand partners. Coming from Corporate America, it’s definitely a welcome change. If you’re interested in earning this same trip, June is your month. Anyone who joins this month, can also qualify. This is something that anyone can do. Seriously. And I’d love to help you do it!! Email me with any questions. (neriumpeoria@gmail.com)



Now is the Time

There have been so many changes in NERIUM, it is honestly like a brand new company!  If you want to join us and just focus on selling our incredible contouring cream? Great! If you are a chiropractor or personal trainer, maybe our brain supplement EHT is a better fit for you. Or maybe you are a hair stylist or do lash extensions, and our new Eye Serum is perfect for you. You can do anything you want with this opportunity!!