Labels Don’t Tell The Whole Story

Lately, I’ve been on a mission. To rid our house of toxic products and to educate myself about the products we use. You see, most of the products you’re using, aren’t safe for you. I’ve been naive to trust labels, to trust products I thought were “good” or “safe,” and to ultimately trust our government to protect us from these hazards. But the reality is, The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act does not require cosmetic products and ingredients to be approved by the FDA before they go on the market. Cosmetic Products include: aromatherapy, disposable wipes, lip balm products, hair products, makeup, nail products, soaps & lotions, tanning products and tattoos & permanent makeup. Think about that. Just think about that.

I’m just going to leave this article right here for you….

I urge you to read it. Johnson & Johnson, the #1 baby soap/shampoo product in America…recommended by hospitals, is now (FINALLY) admitting their products contain cancer-causing chemicals. You see, Johnson & Johnson has been producing a separate, non-toxic product for Europe, who’s FDA regulations are much more stringent than here in America. Do you see a problem with that? Moms (Dads, Grandmas,Grandpas, Anyone with a heart) this should piss you off… 😳😠😡

Please read the article, please open your eyes, and please do your research….

If you want safe options, and a company you can trust, let’s chat. Your family, especially your children, deserve products that aren’t going to harm them.

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What’s Your Name?!

Red: I’m thirsty!!

Blue: Hi, Thirsty! I’m Blue. Nice to meet you! What’s your last name?!

Red: 🤔………😠

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Potty Like A Big Boy

Blue: I went potty like a big boy (standing up) 4 times today!

Me: Whoa! You’re getting good. You’re going to have to do that when you start kindergarten, ya know. You’re going to have to potty like a big boy, tie your own shoes, get your own lunch.

Blue: That’s soooo much stuff they want us to do. We’re going to be there a long time learning all that stuff they got for us. I’ll be there forever.

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