God Will Be Mad

Red hurt his (middle) finger, so I’m putting a band aid on it, for him.

Red: Oh no, mom! God is going to be mad at me!!

Me: Why?!

Red: ‘Cause this means I hate God. (Sticking his middle finger up at me.)

Me; It’s okay. God understands you hurt yourself, and we’re just putting a band aid on your finger.

Red: Good. I sure don’t want Him mad at me.

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Stop Hitting Them Bumps

Red: Mom, why didn’t you remind me afore we left the house that I had to potty.

Me: We’re almost to school, Red.

(30 seconds later…)

Red: Mom, stop hitting them bumps. They making the potty get closer. It really wants to come out.

My Angel…

Pink is screaming and carrying on trying to tell me that she wants something. But since she doesn’t use words I have no idea what she wants. I finally narrow it down to the cabinet, and a cup.

Me: You want wawa?!

Pink: Yes, wawa pease.

She insists on helping me fill her cup with water, so I hold her as she fills her cup, and I set her down when her cup is half full.  She then looks at me, pours the entire contents of the cup on the floor, drops the cup and walks away. She makes no acknowledgement of what’s she’s just done. Just walks away, almost as if she’s afraid to turn around. And when she gets into the living room, she slowly turns around, me staring at her, and smirks. 

Weekend Recap…

Red: Mom, did you know that peoples’ poop and pee goes in the ocean?!


As we’re driving in the car, and Red realizes we are not going home, like he had thought.

Red: Why are we turning?!

Blue: We’re going to the store, Nit Wit!


Blue: I get hurt all the time. I have an owie on my side and on my leg.

Red: Too bad. You better toughen up, Butter Cup!