They had me at FREE wine…

If you could drink wine for free and earn a supplemental income while doing so, would you? Here’s my Top 10 Reasons why this is one of the best decisions you’ll make.

🍷Wine is easy. I drink it, and if I can get it for free and help others get it for free, then count me in.

🍷Everybody loves wine. And if they don’t, they know at least a handful of people who do. There are no before and after pictures needed. No list of ingredients. No competition. It’s wine. I don’t have to convince anyone wine works.

🍷My husband told me to do what makes me happy, and when mama’s happy, we’re all happy. #tipsforthefellas

🍷It doesn’t hurt my skincare business and it doesn’t compete. I can still do facials, serve free wine and people will actually SHOW up. That goes for all networkers. #hint Wine can another revenue stream that pays your mortgage.

🍷If you’ve been in network marketing before, you know it can be TIRING (being honest here). I don’t have endless free time. Who does?! Wine is EASY and everybody loves it, especially when it’s free.

🍷I get a 50% profit off every kit I sign. And my people do too! #heckyea #mortgagepaid #helpingpeoplewin

🍷There are currently 10,000 people in the company and THIS is what we call ground floor. And it’s freaking BOOMING, might I add (timing and positioning is everything).

🍷People don’t have time for businesses, but they always have time for wine. It’s a social thing.

🍷Network marketing is my option to fire my boss. It’s my option to give myself a much deserved raise.

🍷Because I don’t CARE what people think. I want time freedom. I want more time with my kiddos. If I can find something like this that’s FUN, SIMPLE and easy for others to learn, I’m IN. I do what makes sense,makes me happy, makes me money and something I can take ownership in. Other people don’t pay my bills. #iwishtheydid

So that’s why. Easy enough, right?! I’m enjoying it. It doesn’t feel like a job, and everyone can DO it. And duh, it’s WINE.

Want more info? Message me…

#Cheers 🍷


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