She said what?!

I showed the boys the shirts they are wearing for Valentine’s Day, which say, “Watch out ladies, Cupid is here.” As I walked out of the room I heard….

Blue: Bub, did you hear what she called us?!

Red: Yeah! She called us stupid! We need to make her shirts that say she a dumb dumb. 

Me: Boys. I didn’t say you were stupid!!! I said, “Cupid.” That’s the person who comes on Valentine’s day.

Red: Oh! Well, I don’t really think you’re a dumb dumb, mama. 


Just One of Those Days…

As we’re driving to school Red tells me that his movie is done and would like me to start it over.  I restart the movie and…

Me: Is it playing?

Red: What?

Me: The movie.  Is your movie playing?

Red: Where?

(I bite my tongue…)

Blue: On the tv, Bubba.  Are you awake?!

Red: Yeah, yeah, it playing.

Five minutes later…..

Red: Mom, could you please hit play on my movie. It still not playing.

Blue: What’s wrong with you dude?  Mom, him not right this morning.