Be a Big Boy!

Last night while carrying Red to bed, Blue asked for me to come back and carry him, also.

Red: You not a baby, dude.  You came outta mom’s belly first.  Be a big boy!

Red: (to me as I’m tucking him in) He not acting like a big boy.  He ‘posed to take care of Pink and I ’cause he came outta your belly first.  Right?  Pink and I are the babies.

Me: Bud, you and your brother are the same age.  You both are big boys. Do you want to sleep in a crib like Pink and be a baby?

Red: Yep, I’ll get my pillow.  Will you carry me there?

Me: 😩😕




Feel Good Smells

Blue: Mama, I miss ‘melling. My nose so full, I not ‘mell anymore.

Me: I’m sorry, buddy. It’s so hard when you have a clogged nose. What’s your favorite smell you miss?

Blue: Pinks hair ‘tuff you put in her hair. I miss that ‘mell. It ‘mell good. 

Red: I like the oven. That always ‘mell good.

Hers Not Been That Bad…

As I’m working in the kitchen, I hear Red in the other room talking to “Elfie” about Santa bringing Pink mulch for Christmas.  When he walks in the kitchen…

Me: Buddy, did you tell Elfie that Pink wants mulch for Christmas?!

Red: I told him that hers only wants a wittle bit of mulch.

Me:  Mulch?!

Red: Yeah, mom, mulch!

I continue to stare at him, not really sure where he would come up with mulch, or what he could possibly be trying to say.

Red: You know mom, that ‘tuff dad puts on the grill?!

Me: Oh!  You mean charcoal!  Coal…

Red: Yeah, that too.  I told Elfie hers not been that bad.  She only wants a wittle bit.  Hers wants some dolls, not just mulch.

Me: Ok.  Got it.  I sure hope Elfie listens to you.