Who do you know in Australia?!


Friends! I need your help again! Do any of my friends know people in Australia? I need some connections there. We’re expanding into Australia, so now is a great time to get in on the ground floor of a growing company.  (Feel free to share this message.)  Thanks so much for your help!!



Too Much MarioKart

Red:  Mom, will you beat that guy?  (As he points to the truck next to us at the stoplight.)

Me: Sure  (The light turns green and I begin to go…)

Red: Mom!!  He’s beating us!!  Mushroom!!

Me: Mushroom?

Red: Yeah!  Mushroom!  Faster…let’s go!

(I begin to slow down, as the person in front of us makes a right turn.)

Red: Mom!

Me: Bud, the guy in front of us is turning.  I can’t run him over.

Blue: Shoot your red turtle shell, mom!

Me: How about I just use a star, we run everyone over and I speed to school?

Blue & Red: Yeah!!!

August is the Month

​Sooooo, I have some pretty exciting news!!!😁💰 NERIUM HAS A PROMOTION THAT IS PAYING FOR YOU TO JOIN, IN THE MONTH OF AUGUST ONLY!! 💰 Don’t hold back due to money, because now there are NO EXCUSES!  I’m super jealous of this!!!! Wish someone could have paid for my business!!