To Serve and to Protect


I’m sad today. And I’m scared. Scared for my family, and ultimately the fate of this country. A little 4 year old girl just watched someone who she should be taught is a protector, and hero, take the life of an (assumed) innocent man. As a police officer, you know when you sign up for that job, your life is in danger. That’s a given. You know that you may get a gun pulled on you, you may get in a gun battle and you may get shot. That is what you sign up for. You also pledge to serve and protect. That’s what we, as a country, need our officers to do. And what that means is being selfless. It means putting the needs of citizens ahead of your own. It means communicating, and establishing respect so that citizens know, you don’t want to harm them, rather help them. And it means doing just that….helping, not harming. That little 4 year old girl watched an innocent man get shot 4 times, and then sat beside her mom and said, “It’s ok. I’m right here with you,” as her mom cried, yelled and screamed at the injustice she just witnessed. That little girl knows how to serve and protect.


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