Opportunity vs. Job

​How does society teach us to make extra money?

• An RN takes extra shifts.

• A police officer works through the night.

• A teacher tutors after teaching all day.

• A hairdresser finds more clients and spends more time on their feet.

• A graphic designer takes on freelance clients and spends an additional 2-3 hours at home in front of another computer screen.

• A single mom works a second or third hourly-paid job.

• A broke college student spends nights and weekends driving other people across town.

All of these ways involve spending more time AWAY from your family and friends. Isn’t the goal to spend more time WITH the ones you love?  A non-traditional way of making money and being with your family really does exist. It’s not a pyramid scheme. It’s a legitimate business model – one that’s been around for over 100 years. Stop spending time AWAY from your family for an hourly wage when you can invest and LEVERAGE your time at home.  I was BLESSED when I was introduced to this opportunity. Let me do the same for you!!


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