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Good Baby Maker

Red: I love my little sister.

Me: She’s a pretty good sister, isn’t she?

Red: You made a good sissy in your belly, mama. And you’re a good mom too.


Dad’s Wingman

As I’m watching tv with the boys…

Red: I saw a girl who looked bootiful.

Me: You did?

Red: Yea…there she is (as he points to a Disney pop star on the tv).

Me: She is pretty, bud.

Red: Yeah, I wish Dad could kiss her.

Let’s Hit the Beach!

Last month, I qualified for an all expenses paid trip (for 2) to Puerta Vallarta, from Nerium. This company continues to amaze me. It’s unbelievable how wonderfully they treat their brand partners. Coming from Corporate America, it’s definitely a welcome change. If you’re interested in earning this same trip, June is your month. Anyone who joins this month, can also qualify. This is something that anyone can do. Seriously. And I’d love to help you do it!! Email me with any questions. (


Shut Your Big Mouth!!

It seems, no matter the dinner, the boys always have to take 15 potty breaks during meals. Tonight was no different. So, as Blue was going, for the 15th time, I told him…

Me: This is the last time you’re going potty. I need you to finish your dinner.

Blue: You just shut your big mouth!

Me: Excuse me?!

Blue:….stares blankly at me, realizing he’s in trouble.

Me: We do not say that. That is not nice.  I’m going to spank your butt.

Blue: Fine. But you’re gonna get poop on your hand.