Get It Right, Mom

Me: I should have put “sun stuff” on your sister so she doesn’t got sunburned.

Blue: Do a suntan hurt?

Me: No, but a sunburn does.

Blue: What is a suntan?

Me: It’s when the sun make your skin a darker color. A sunburn is when it gets red and hurts real bad.

Blue: Oh. I not want a sunburn.

Me: Yeah. When we get home and put your muscle shirts on, we’ll put on sun lotion

Blue: You mean sunscreen? It’s called sunscreen, mom.

Me: Oh. Yes. Sunscreen….


Now is the Time

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Mother Nature Teaches Sharing

Me: I sure hope it stops raining.

Blue: Me too.  But the plants need rain, member? Mudder Nature makes it rain.

Me: Yep, you’re right. She sure does. I wonder when she’ll have that sun come back out though?

Blue: Maybe they take turns? I bet Mudder Nature taught them sharing.

Me: I bet you’re right.

(An hour later when the sun comes back out….)

Blue: See, mom. I told you them shared.

I’m not THAT old…

This week was SuperDad’s birthday, so we’ve had lots of discussions about age around our house.

Blue:  How old are you, mama?

Me: Old, bud.

Blue: How old?!

Me: 36

Blue: That is old!  You next birthday, you gonna be old like Grandma Brown.

Me:  Thanks…

Red: You gonna be in a wheelchair too?!


Are You Ready for Summer? 🌞

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From Red, With Love

This picture warms my heart. For so many reasons. “Mr. Duck” has been in our family much longer than Pink. He was Red’s best friend, second only to Blue. He was Red’s source of comfort, and has traveled everywhere with him. In a sense, he’s been another child. Every vacation, every grocery store trip, every bedtime ritual…Mr Duck has been there.  It was only recently that Red began leaving him home on outings, and not always remembering him at bedtime.  The other night, Red decided it was time to pass on Mr. Duck to Pink. He handed her Mr. Duck and said, “He be your best friend now, Pink.” What a bittersweet moment for this mama. At first it saddened me, because I realized my little babe isn’t so little anymore. Instead, he’s growing up, and learning to experience life without the crutch he’s always turned to. But yet, I couldn’t be more proud of that little guy. He’s the most unselfish, kind little kid I’ve ever met. He loves his sister more than anything.   And watching his love for her, and his compassion to make her happy, makes my heart so full. I have to think that one of the greatest  accomplishments a parent could ever experience is raising an unselfish, good hearted kid. Pink is lucky to have her big brother. And if her relationship with Mr. Duck is anything like her brother’s was, she’s going to be very lucky to have him also. So far, I think it’s safe to say, she’s pretty content.