Goodnight My Little Monsters…

Four years ago, they were half way across the hospital from me. I’d held Blue once, for about one minute, and was only able to look at Red through the glass. I laid in my hospital bed that night, so excited they were finally here, but so worried about what was to come. Four years later, as I lay in bed, cuddling with the monsters, not much has changed. I’m so excited they’re here, but am still so worried about what’s to come. I can’t imagine that’s ever going to change. I think, maybe, that’s just part of being a mother. And loving someone more than you ever thought possible. I watch them sleep and wish I could protect them from this scary world, keep them innocent and naive forever.  I know that’s not possible. So, I’ll continue to worry about the future, about this crazy world we live in, and how I can hold on to every last second of innocence with these two creatures God has blessed me with.



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