Miracle In a Bottle


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The Little Brain That Never Stops


(Red wakes up screaming for me.)

Red: Make Blue stop kicking me.  Him kicking me.

Me:  Bud, you’re just having a dream.  Go back to sleep.

Red: Him not nice.  I not like him.

Me: Okay.  I’ll put him in timeout.  Go to sleep.  Love you.



(Red wakes up screaming for me)

Red: We going to have a prize again soon?

Me:  A prize?

Red:  We gonna have our friends over again?

Me:  Sure, we can plan something soon.

Red: Tomorrow?

Me: No, probably not tomorrow.  But soon.  Now go to sleep.  Goodnight.  I love you.



(Red wakes up screaming for me.)

Red:  Mom, I “firsty.”  My “froat” hurts.

Me:  I’ll get you a drink of water.

Red: Mom, you know a new Nemo coming soon?

Me: Yeah, bud.  Go to sleep.

Red: Dad wants to see it.

Me: Okay. Goodnight, Red.  I love you.


3:30 AM

(Red wakes up screaming for me.)

Red: Mom, when Christmas going to be here?  And Easter?

Me:  In a couple months, buddy.  Now go to sleep.

Red:  Them come two times in one year?

Me: No, bud.

Red:  I want Santa to bring me Red Skull.

Me: Okay.  It’s time for sleep.  I love you.


4:15 AM

(Red wakes up screaming for me)

Red: Mom, can we get a dog?

Me: Maybe someday, Red.  Now go to sleep.

Red: I want a nice puppy.

Me:  Okay, sounds good.  Goodnight.  Love you.

Goodnight My Little Monsters…

Four years ago, they were half way across the hospital from me. I’d held Blue once, for about one minute, and was only able to look at Red through the glass. I laid in my hospital bed that night, so excited they were finally here, but so worried about what was to come. Four years later, as I lay in bed, cuddling with the monsters, not much has changed. I’m so excited they’re here, but am still so worried about what’s to come. I can’t imagine that’s ever going to change. I think, maybe, that’s just part of being a mother. And loving someone more than you ever thought possible. I watch them sleep and wish I could protect them from this scary world, keep them innocent and naive forever.  I know that’s not possible. So, I’ll continue to worry about the future, about this crazy world we live in, and how I can hold on to every last second of innocence with these two creatures God has blessed me with.


No one wants to get older

Me: (Sitting on Blue’s bed to wake him)  Happy Birthday, bud!!

Blue: It not my birthday.  Tomorrow my birthday.

Me: Nope, it’s today.  You’re 4 today!
Blue: No, it not.

Me:  (Going over to Red’s bed to wake him) Happy Birthday!!

Red: Happy Birfday, mama.

Blue: (Holding his arms out in front of him, side by side.) But my arms not even grow, mom.  I not 4 yet.

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Front butt?!

(While changing Pink’s diaper…)

Blue: Mom, why Pink not have a peeper?

Me: Because, she’s a girl. Girls don’t have peepers.

Blue: Do you have a peeper?

Me: No, mom is a girl.

Blue: What you girls have then?

Red: They got something that looks like a butt.

Blue: What that butt in the front called?

Me: Time to go to school. Go get your coats.


Butt, I’m unhappy


After Red getting up 4 times to go potty, when he was supposed to be sleeping..

Me: It is bedtime. Not playtime. I am not happy with you.

Red: I not happy you not happy with me.

Me: It’s okay, buddy. It’s just time for bed.

Red: I not happy with my belly and I weally not happy with my butt.