Hay is for Horses

Blue: Mama, what do horses eat?

Me: Hay.

Blue: Hay? Hey is talking.

Me: No, not hey. Straw. They eat straw.

Blue: Straw? Straws are drinking.

Me: No. (Seeing this conversation is going nowhere fast, I pull up a picture on my phone to show him what I mean.)

Blue: Mom, you silly! Horses eat gwass! They not eat talking and drinking.

Me: You’re so smart bud…


Quiet down, kid

While seeing the doctor for Pink’s two month check-up…

Blue: Mom! Is he old?! (Referring to the doctor.)

Me: Blue! No, he’s not old. We don’t say those things about people.

I hand him toys and try to distract him with random questions, because I can see the wheels in his head turning. A few minutes later…

Blue: Mom, why that guy got hairs coming out his nose?