Snack vs. Food

Red: Mom, I want a snack.

Me: Ok. Do you want Cheerios?

Red: No.

Me: How about grapes?

Red: No. Grapes not a snack. Grapes a food.

Me: Um…ok. Want a nana?

Red: Yea! I want a nana!


Picasso is Proud

Me: (Seeing that there is something smeared all over the mirror.) What did you guys get on this mirror?

Red: Oh. I colored on it!

Me: Red! We do not color on anything but paper.

Red: I sowwy! I help you clean it.

As we’re cleaning said mess…

Blue: What that stuff all over?!

Me: “Someone” colored all over the mirror.

Red: Hi!! That me!! (As he waves his hands in the air)