The boys are watching Little Bear and notice that Little Bear goes to sleep with no yayi (pacifier).

Blue: Little Bear go night night with no yayi.

Me: Yea buddy, big kids don’t sleep with yayis

Blue: I NEED my yayi to go night night.

Me: No you don’t. You can sleep with no yayi. How about we try to sleep like big boys tonight, with no yayis?

Blue: I want to be a baby.


Picky, picky…

Last night as the delivery men were unloading our new refrigerator, one delivery man noticed the boys were eating chicken and french fries.

Delivery Man: Is that your favorite? Are you guys picky eaters?

Blue: I like chicken n fwench fies. And wanch!

Me: They can be picky. But, for the most part, they’re pretty good eaters.

Red: What?! I not picky! See… (as he picks his nose for the delivery man to see.)