They’re breaking out…

I want in theerrre, mama,” Red screams as he’s banging back and forth trying to open the baby gate to their room.

Blue: I get it, Bubba.
Red: Okay, Buddy.

I hear some wiggling of the gate, and then hear it squeak open..

Red: Yay, Buddy!! You did it!!
Blue: Yea, Bubba!
Mama: Great…


Dream Job

Blue: Can I go work wiff Daddy?

Me: No, buddy, work is for big people.

Blue: Can I go work wiff you?

Me: No, silly, you aren’t a big person.

Blue: Can I go work wiff Bubba?

Me: Sure. Where do you and Bubba want to work?

Blue: Ummmm…..MONKEY JOES!!