Hot, Mama!

This morning as I was fighting with the boys to get into their car seats. Red grabbed his pacifier from the cup and said, “Hot!”

Me: Your sucky is hot?

Red: No. Hot!

Me: Your chair is hot?

Red: No. Mama is hot!

I’m no longer mad he got me up at 4am. : )


Mean lady!

Whenever the boys and I go on a walk, they yell, “HI!” and wave at every passing car and person. Typically people smile, wave or acknowledge their antics. (I mean, they are pretty adorable! ) This morning a lady slowed down, stared at them and then sped away. She did not smile, wave or acknowledge. Blue yelled, “Not nice, lady!!”

Nice try, Red

Red sitting on my lap saying, “More,” while Blue continues to bring him handfuls of Cheerios.

Me: Red, why don’t you go to the table and get your own Cheerios?

Red: Nope

Me: Oh, you’d rather Blue continue to serve you?

Red: Yep.

Blue then picks up Red’s plate, takes it to him and drops it in his lap.

Think before you speak

Blue finished all of the fruit on his plate, pointed to the fruit section and said, “More…more.”

I gave him more, and while doing so, Red pointed to the full fruit section on his plate and said. “More…more.”

I said, “No, buddy. You still have fruit on your plate.”

Red proceeded to take every piece of fruit off his plate and place it on the table. Then pointed to the now empty section on his plate and say, “More…more.”


All hail….Elmo

Blue is repeatedly hitting Red.

I say, “Not nice. Please stop, Blue,” as Blue continues hitting Red.

I say, “Blue, do you want to go in timeout?!” Blue continues hitting Red.

I say, “I’m going to turn off Elmo.”

Blue hugs Red and says, “I sowwwy, Bubba.