Timeout & Twin Bonding

I went to pick the boys up from daycare yesterday. Their teacher said, “Well, we had to put Red in timeout today.”

“Oh no! What did he do?” I responded. I’ve dreaded this day for quite some time, but knew it was quickly approaching as they reach their terrible twos.

“He was pulling friends by their collar and throwing them to the ground.”

I’d notice he’d done that to Blue the day before, so wasn’t too surprised. While he may be 8 pounds lighter and 3 inches shorter than his brother, and the smallest kid in his class, he certainly acts as if he is the big man.

“Did he do okay? Did it even phase him?” I asked.

“Oh, he was fine. I don’t think he even realized he was in timeout. But Blue sat by him the entire time and cried!”



Blue: Dumping Cheerios from his bowl and stomping on each.

Me: “Blue. No! That’s rude.”

Blue: Stops. Looks at me and says, “Oh.” He thinks about it and then stomps over to give Red a hug.