I always call the boys just that, “the boys.”  So when someone refers to them as “the twins” it really gives me a jolt.  Oh my gosh.  I had, and have, twins!  Two babies at one time?  Two babies to feed, change and rock to sleep.  Two infants to crawl all over the house.  Two toddlers to steady as they learn to walk.  Two terrible twos.  Two kids starting kindergarten.  Two teens dating and learning to drive.  Two adults getting married.  They are a package deal.  While they are two very separate individuals, all of life’s journeys, milestones and challenges will happen twofold for a family of twins.   While I never envisioned twins, I now cannot imagine a singleton.  How boring.  I’ve always seen myself as an overachiever, and this is no different.  The news of having twins was shocking, and obviously still hasn’t completely sunk in, to this day.  However, it’s a challenge, like any other, I’ve taken head on.


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