It continues..

I was once told that there would always be a “next stage,” and it would typically be just as challenging as the one before.  That was definitely not the most optimistic advice, but probably the most honest and realistic.  And so far, I’ve found it to be very true.  I thought the newborn phase of little sleep was terrible.  I thought it “could only get better.”  And, in all fairness, it did.  For about two weeks.  The sleep extended to about 6 hours straight and I was so happy with that.  I felt human again.  And then we were hit with the teething stage.  Holy cow!  It is by far worse than the newborn stage.  If these stage don’t get any better, I’m not sure I want to experience crawling or walking, talking or the teenage years.  I thought I’d learned a great deal of patience in these past few months.  But I’m learning, I’ve got a long way to go.


2 thoughts on “It continues..

  1. Binary Mum says:

    Actually, I’m finding crawling just a tiny bit easier. Just because they can self entertain a little. It’s still three tons of work but they don’t need to be on me quite as much.

  2. mparker7 says:

    I do agree they are becoming much more “independent.” Well, as “independent” as almost six month olds can be. They are able to entertain themselves more. I suppose that would mean crawling would make it easier. A bit easier! I don’t think there are many things you can say are “easy” about having twins. Ha!

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